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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rectangles and Circles Anyone?

So I've been working on some new sets that are probably going to take me some time to finish, so between working hard and taking a break, I try to play around a little with my designs and I created these 2 new digital paper packs! 

This is one is called Rectangle Mania

and this one is Circle Frenzy.

Don't ask me how I came up with these names....they just kinda came to me after looking at them when I was finished.
You can find them both at my TpT store and Etsy Shop!! 

My Etsy shop is a little lonely right now...I know it's brand new but I'm getting so anxious to gain more followers!! I have 31 products there so far with more many to come!!!! 

Thanks for stopping by today:) 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bundles and Bundles and Bundles...OH MY!!!

In this post you will probably hear the word "bundle" more than once...just warning you:)
Before I get to "bundle" overload, I wanted to let you know that I opened up an Etsy Shop!

Yes, I did! I was really hesitant at first because I actually tried this way back and then I took it down because I didn't feel ready for it. Honestly, I still don't feel ready...but I going full steam ahead! I hope you'll stop by my new shop and follow me there as well. I plan to post some sets that you probably won't see at my others stores. 

Now onto Bundle Overload!!!
Here are the bundles I have recently posted at my store:

My Vowel Sound Bundles

and ALL Vowel Sounds Bundle. 100 Images total!!! 

Next I posted my Shining Stars Bundle:

64 Total backgrounds in this set!! All of these packs are at my Etsy Shop.

84 backgrounds in this one!!! 

Finally, my Sunburst Bundle:

Take a look at them over at my TpT store:) As always, I would appreciate it if you pinned the items! 
Thank you!!! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Back to School Linky!!

It's BACK. TO. SCHOOL. time!!!!! Some of you may dread hearing that sentence but hopefully this will make you feel a little better about it!

Dana over at Common to the Core is hosting a linky full of FREE and paid products that are must haves for B2S!! You will want to head on over and check it out! There are a lot of Top TpT sellers that are showing off their stuff and you won't want to miss it!!! I have linked up with my most recent updated items.

 So what are you waiting for...GO!!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Freebies for Facebook Fans

It's a good day today!! I've been playing around with my "Fans Only" tab over at my Facebook page, and I think I finally have it working....fingers crossed!!

First I want to say a BIG thank you to Ashley Hughes at School Supply Addict for having such a great tutorial on how to set this up!! It's so easy to follow and she's just so much fun!! 

Thank you so much!! If you're looking to add one of these to your own Facebook page, check out her tutorial....you will have it set up in no time:) 

So if you head on over to my Facebook Page, you will see a greenish-blue tab for Fans Only.
Click on that tab and if you're not a fan, you will have to be one first.

Once you are a fan, you will see my first freebie...here is the preview..

This is one of the best things I learned from Ashley's tutorial....this is an instant download. All you have to do is click on the picture and it will download to your computer. This is coming from my DropBox so it may appear on that screen first, but just click download and it's yours!!! SO EASY!!!

I hope you enjoy this first freebie!! Now, just to warn you, this is the only time I will preview freebies here on my blog that are only on my Facebook page so be sure to become a fan to know when new freebies arrive!!

Have a great day!!!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Favorite Things Linky:)

I have been a busy little bee lately! I'm amazed at how some of you can blog on a regular basis.....that is something that I definitely need to work on around here. But I have good reasons...I've been working many hours on my phonic vowel sound sets....just ask my husband and my kids....they don't see me for hours because I'm up in our new office....well more like "play room" right now since my kids are having a hard time picking up....it's pretty much trashed right now. I think I just need a detached room off the house that has a lock and only I have the key.....maybe I could get more done:)

Anyway, if you're not a fan of my FB page, you've been missing out on my previews of these sets. Here is the most recent

Now onto a fun linky with Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

Here are some of my favorite things when it comes to my home.

Ok...so you read that I have kids which only means one thing.....a mom needs a good vacuum cleaner and I love mine!!!

(click on the pictures to go the link where I found them)

This thing is so light that even little ol' me has no problem vacuuming the stairs.

I love our granite counter tops and probably will cry if we ever have another house without them. Oh no...this isn't my kitchen but this is beautiful.....would love to have it!

I love outdoor areas where you can grill out, invite lots of friends, and relax. 

and finally I LOVE displaying my kids work around the house. During the school year, I know my frig will be full and walls covered. 

Here are their first drawing/paintings they ever did. I never take these down:)

Head on over and link up with your favorite things!!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Must Have Monday Winner! and a Freebie!

Hi everyone!! I hope you're having better weather where you are....it's been rainy here, my kids are bored, and I've been doing a lot of house cleaning today. Needless to say, when the kids are bored, not much gets done because they are constantly calling my name for something.....arg!!!

I did have time to put together a new frame set...and you're getting a little freebie!
Here is the link to the whole set! Click Here

Simple and Sweet!!!
I hope you enjoy it! 

Now onto the winner of Must Have Monday!!

Congrats Courtney!...(all I got was a first name:(  

You will be getting an email from Michelle and myself very soon!!!

Another bit of good news is that I hit over 500 followers at my TpT store!!! Thanks everyone!!!
Your support is so appreciated!!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Must Have Monday Featuring The 3AM Teacher

I know it's a little early but I just couldn't help myself!!!! 

I'm ready for....

For this Giveaway, I'm featuring the lovely 3AM Teacher and all of her awesomeness!!!! 

Keep reading below to find out what she is giving away for one lucky winner!!!

Along with her graphic set, I will be giving away my newest frame set that I just posted at my store...

Simple Circle Frames

My daughter was playing with a pearl necklace the other day and well....here is what I did....always getting inspired!!! :)

Now on to Michelle's amazing set!!! 

Must Have Mondays


Hi Dots of Fun Friends!!!
My name is Michelle Tsivgadellis and I am the owner and creator of The 3AM Teacher.

I taught Kindergarten and 7th grade, but I have always been an artist. I came up with the name, The 3AM Teacher, because I seem to be most creative at that time...and...I am known to be up in the wee hours (ask my friends on FB..haha).

When I was very young, I started keeping a journal next to my bed because I would often get ideas at 3 am in the morning. Whether it was something to draw or an idea to write about, I would not be able to go back to sleep until I had written or sketched those ideas in a journal. The creative part of my brain prefers 3am and the rest of my body has adjusted to accommodate the lack of sleep. I actually  function better with about 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night - call me an anomaly...HA!

In 2011, I chose to resign from teaching and do graphic design, art, and coding full time. Building my own business has been a great deal of work and often scary, but ultimately very rewarding. I get pieces of myself in the form of digital art, transformed into great resources by talented teachers, in classrooms all over the world... 

And that is pretty amazing my friends!!!

I have met so many talented teachers and creative minds along the way.

Tammy and I connected  towards the beginning of last year... hold that thought.... I think we may have even connected in 2011!! I can't believe how quickly time passes when you live in a virtual world..ha!! Either way, I am glad we did cross paths.

Well... moving on... when we connected, she was just beginning to learn how to transform her drawings into digital art - a process that takes a great deal of patience - and I have watched her art transform and improve. I was so excited when Tammy invited me to  participate in her Must Have Mondays & couldn't pass up the opportunity!!

With that said written...

 let's have some Must have Monday fun... 


Because the thought of the next school year is right around the corner and many of you spend much of your summer planning, I chose a set that everyone can enjoy (I hope so).

Here is my, Create-Your-Own kit for making attractive resource covers, notes, labels... or anything you can think of..ha! This kit includes 9 digital papers in fun school themed colors, a translucent overlay and a cute text frame in 7 coordinating colors.

Click HERE to see how this set can be used to create fun cover pages for your online products!!!

Thank you for allowing me to visit & good luck to the Winner!!!

Ok....I told you she had some awesomeness to give away!!!!

We all know the drill right?

Good luck everyone!!! I will leave this open until Friday at 8pm when I will announce the lucky winner!!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, July 1, 2013

Letter Shape Boxes Needing Feedback

I have been wanting to create more "teaching" sets lately since I know so many of you are planning for the next school year that is SO quickly approaching......I know, grab your tissue.....I want to create sets of manipulatives, math concepts, phonic sets etc., that will save you a lot of time when creating your resources.

So here is my latest set that just kinda came to me yesterday when I was creating some school activities for my son, who will be starting Kindergarten in August....ok...now I'm grabbing a tissue...:(

This set has all of the letter shape boxes for the Primer Dolch List....all 52 words. Each box comes in 7 different colors which gives this set a total of 364 images!!! WOW!!!!

I have seen fonts that create letter boxes but I just like the idea of it being an image where I an re-size it and place it any where on my document as big or small as I want, pretty quickly.

When I was creating those activities for my son, I thought, what a time saver it would be if each word was an image and all you had to do was insert it into your document. I know that my "Word Wall" words in my class were in letter boxes and in different colors...but it was the background that was a different color......talk about a lot of ink if you had to print that yourself. So I thought just outlining it in different colors would still give you different options. I already have this set posted at my store.

So now I need your feedback......Do you think you could benefit from this set? How would you use them? Which lists do you use...Dolch or Fry? 

One last thing....be sure to start following me with Bloglovin'!!!!! Just click the button at the top right of my page to keep getting all of my posts about my new sets!!!

Ok.....ready....start your feedback!!!!